Office Christmas Parties On the Horizon

The Christmas party is a time to celebrate the year’s successes, and for the company to show their employees how much they are appreciated. Employee morale is of supreme importance, as those are the people who keep the company afloat and moving forward. We all want to know our work has been noticed, and that our employer appreciates us. Though there are always some employees who aren’t interested in attending a work function in their free time, the majority want to have the occasion to see their workmates outside of the confines of the office and away from the typical day-to-day work dramas.

If you’ve ever been assigned the task of planning the company holiday party or you are taking control this year, you know that getting started can be a bit daunting. Everyone has their own ideas about what will make the party a good one. Bill might enjoy a few beers and finger foods in a hip, new venue and Jill might expect a formal sit-down meal with all of the frills. Your job as the planner is to seek some middle ground and satisfy the highest number of people you can. Limoncello can help!

After posing the question on Facebook and Twitter about what people expect from a Christmas party, there seems to be a pretty good consensus. Hopefully the responses we’ve gotten might come in helpful when planning your event.

  • Food is a big one – Christmas parties are almost always catered with food and alcohol. Helen is adamant about being provided with sufficient food to soak up the alcohol.
  • Cathy recommends a casual event away from the office, where the focus is on getting away from the workplace and having a good time without focus on anything related to work.
  • Shalena finds that events with alcohol present make the event more festive.
  • Most respondents think that the company should always pay for their employees to attend the party (so that means food and at least some alcohol).
  • Philip believes that most of his colleagues wouldn’t bother attending if the company didn’t cover the cost of at least some of the drinks.
  • A few respondents mentioned appreciating receiving prizes at their Christmas party and really appreciating that. At a company I formerly worked for, amazing prizes like tickets to sporting events, iPads, extra holiday time and paid getaways were given away.
  • Brett appreciates a venue that is located in an area where attendees can go out after the official event is over.
  • Several respondents wish for the Christmas party to take place during the workday and not impose into their personal time.
  • After providing free beer and wine all night, Christine was thrilled to note that her company provided transport for their employees and paid for it.
  • Emilie wants for her significant other to be included in the festivities.

Once you’ve determined a location for your event, Limoncello should be your next contact. Whether you would like canapés and cocktails, a hot food buffet, or a more casual finger food buffet with a bar stocked with craft beers, we are here to create your vision. We can provide it all – delicious food to eat, a vast array of beverages to drink, all of the hiring you’ll need and the lovely, professional staff to set-up, clean up and serve it all. Let us know what your Christmas party vision is, and we will get you all sorted out. Contact our sales team at for a quote.