Tis the Season for a Wedding

Tis the Season for a Wedding

Some might think that the wedding season is over for 2014, but what about all of the couples who decide to marry in the autumn and winter months? There are many couples that opt to dress warmly and create an amazing scene of faux fur, candles, fireplaces and warm colour palettes. The colder temperatures create an intimate feel right out of the gate, and the addition of crystals, fairy lights, dark colours reminiscent of the autumn foliage and deliciously rich cuisine, just make these months some of the loveliest to celebrate the union of two people.

It’s such a romantic thought to honeymoon in the mountains in the autumn and winter. I get the vision of being surrounded by big fluffy flakes of snow falling outside. I imagine cuddling up with your betrothed under a blanket by the fire with a glass of wine in hand. Try creating this beautiful scene in the heat of the summer. No thank you.

A winter wedding can offer the bride and groom the opportunity to not only eliminate dealing with the massive crowds that always swarm to the summer tourist destinations, but to potentially save a significant amount of money. Since the autumn and winter aren’t the most popular in terms of wedding celebrations and honeymoons, many venues and resorts will offer discounted rates on their goods and services.

Limoncello is currently working on upcoming autumn and winter weddings, and currently are looking to work with amazing couples like you. We will help create a bespoke menu that reflects your theme and your dream. While we are still accepting clients for the 2014 season, it’s never too early to start planning for 2015.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.